Bully Dog GT Platinum Gas

The GT Platinum Gas is four products in one remarkable unit: a performance tuner, monitor, gauge, and diagnostic device all in a single unit. SKU - 40417


*Features vary for each vehicle and are not available on all vehicles
Dyno Proven Performance

Dyno Proven Performance

The GT Platinum Gas delivers DYNO proven tune files that INCREASE HORSEPOWER and TORQUE

Monitor More Parameters

Monitor More Parameters

The GT Platinum Gas comes complete with a mount for on dash monitoring of a huge list of parameters.

Now With Custom Tuning

Now With Custom Tuning

Stores up to 10 custom tune files created by your local Bully Dog / SCT Custom Tuning Dealer. *Not available for all vehicles



Adjustable Options vary for each vehicle and are not available on all vehicles
  • Accessory Delay

    Control how long the accessory items will remain on after the engine has been turned off and the doors remain closed. Accessory items such as the radio, cigarette lighter, ect.

  • Auto Door Lock

    Enable the vehicle to automatically lock all the doors any time it reaches a speed of 15mph. Once the vehicle comes to a stop, if the driver's door is the first to open, then all other doors will automatically unlock.

  • Axle Lockers (2WD and 4WD-Hi)

    Easily engage the wheel lockers for off-road traction. (Rubicon Only off road) Lock front and rear differentials in 4WD-Low, 4WD-Hi and 2WD. To enable this feature, highlight the enable button and return to the main screen, then press the locker button on the dash (once for front and twice for rear). The front locker will automatically unlock above 20mph. The rear locker will automatically unlock above 25mph. Both lockers will automatically reengage (lock) if the system is still activated and the vehicle speed drops below those speeds.

  • Axle Ratio

    Correct the vehicle speedometer (and fuel efficiency calculations) if you have changed the gear ratio on your vehicle. If no gear ration modifications have been made to the vehicle, then choose the stock setting when the tuner prompts you to choose a gear ratio. This will ensure that no modifications are made to the stock program.

  • Coolant Temperature Warning

    This gauge option shows the coolant temperature. This information is used in warning settings to alarm when the coolant temperature limit is exceeded.

  • Daytime Running Lights

    Dissable or enable daytime running lights.

  • Disable Traction Control

    Disable the traction control. Unlike the [DTC] button on the dash, the traction control will stay off until the setting on the unit is changed even if the vehicle is turned off.

  • Engine Fan

    Enable and disable teh engine fan regardless of coolant temperature. (This feature does not take effect until the unit returns to the Main Gauge Screen.) The coolant temperature light will not indicate if the vehicle begins to overheat when the fan is disabled.

  • Fog Light/High Beam

    Be able to use the fog lights and the high beams at the sametime.

  • Head Light Delay

    Set the amount of time that the head lamps remain on after the engine has been turned off.

  • Headlight Approach Timer

    Adjust the length of time the lights remain on when a vehicle unlocking the vehicle with the remote.

  • Horn Chirp Length

    Adjust the length of the horn chirp to either short or long when the vehicle is locked using the remote.

  • Horn Chirp On Lock

    The vehicle horn will sound each time the doors are locked by a remote while this feature is enabled.

  • Idle Adjust

    Enable and select a value for Engine Idle position. This is a great feature for keeping voltage in the vehicle up while running auxiliary electronics off of the vehicle’s power system.

  • Optical Flash On Lock

    The hazard lights will flash each time the doors are locked using the remote when this feature is enabled.

  • Pyrometer Temperature Warning

    This gauge option shows the pyrometer temperature. This information is used in warning settings to alarm when the pyrometer temperature limit is exceeded.

  • Rev Limiter

    Regulate the highest RPM that an engine can reach before the engine is electronically limited. Increasing the RPM limit is recommended only for racing purposes. Once of the most important ways to protect your engine from damage is to keep the RPMs from going too high.

  • Seat Belt Chime:

    Turn off seat belt reminder chime.

  • Speed Limiter

    Change the top speed that the vehicle will reach before the engine automatically limits the power needed to go faster.

  • Tire Size

    Correct the speedometer if you have changed your tire size from stock.

  • TPMS

    Chang or disable the Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

  • Transfer Case Ratio

    This function is for users who have physically replaced the Transfer Case. It is only necessary to adjust this when swapping out the Transfer Case for a different Case with a different low range ratio.

  • Transmission Temperature Warning

    This gauge option shows the transmission temperature. This information is used in warning settings to alarm when the transmission temperature limit is exceeded in automatic transmissions.

  • Unlock Driver Door

    Disable this feature so all of the vehicle doors will unlock with one press of the button on the remote

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